Accessories for your garden, your friend, or yourself!

We carry a wonderful assortment of gifts & accessories. We have an extensive array of wares - pottery, planters, iron work, bird feeders, kids' tools and beautiful hand-forged garden tools. You'll find gazing balls, jewelry, boots & glove, too. Can't decide? We have gift certificates!


Organic fertilizers increase the organic content and consequently the water-holding capacity of the soil. They improve the physical structure of the soil which allows more air to get to plant roots. Where organic sources are used for fertilizer, bacterial and fungal activity increases in the soil. Organically derived plant nutrients are slow to leach from the soil making them less likely to contribute to water pollution than synthetic fertilizers.

Dry Goods

Stop by our quaint yellow cottage where you can find everything for the garden. We offer organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides plus an entire wall of seed packets! Be sure to check out our "Beneficial Insects" worms, ladybugs and Praying Mantises. 

Gardeners Green Shop