Abernethy & Spencer features KARBON leaf mulch and SOILMATE compost, both from Loudoun Composting which uses high quality compost made from yard trimmings (leaves and grass). Compost is very quickly becoming recognized as a necessary soil amendment for all types of landscape uses. Not sure how much mulch/compost you will need? Use our calculator below. 

​Call 540-338-9118 to request delivery to Western LoudounDeliveries can only be made on hardscape (pavement or gravel). ​

​SOILMATE® CompostCompost benefits the soil where it is used by improving drainage and moisture absorption, especially in soils that are otherwise poor quality. This makes growing in various types of soils easier and more productive. Compost also benefits the plant matter grown in the soil by providing nutrients to the plant’s growing area. Compost helps reduce runoff, making the use of fertilizer more productive and keeping it out of the water. 

Environmentally, the use of compost has been shown to remediate, or clean up, contaminated soils by reducing toxic runoffs, binding certain toxins that might otherwise escape, and it prevents erosion when used near roadways, lakes, rivers, and streams. In addition to the biological, chemical, and environmental benefits of compost, the use of compost creates economic benefits. 

​Soilmate® is made entirely from leaves, grass and brush which produce a stable, highly beneficial and environmentally 
Coverage Calculator
for SOILMATE® Compost and KARBONTM Mulch 
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Mulch & Compost

KARBON® Leaf MulchThe purpose of using any mulch is to beautify, retain moisture and help to cool the soil during the hot summer months. Karbon® Leaf Mulch consists of nothing but leaves which are ground up and then through a natural process, heated to 140 degrees or more to kill any dormant weed seeds. Water is added to activate the tannins and accelerate the darkening process. The leaves are then screened to achieve a consistent ½” minus product.